The way you read a book… 19

Exhibition view. From left to right: Esther Ferrer, Extrañeza, desprecio, dolor y un largo etc., 2013; Lenora Barros, Estudo para facadas, 2012; Pauline Beaudemont, Originale, 2018; Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck, Level, 2017 (Private Performance); Gerhard Richter, Aquarelle, 1985; Per Kirkeby, Kopf und Arm I, 1985; Alexi Tsioris, Ohne Titel, 2017—2018; Eduardo Navarro, The origin of the origin of the origin of the Universe, 2017; Barry Le Va, Studies for Combinations and Arragments of Sculpture Occupying Wall and Floor Areas, Lithographs and Collage, 1989—1991, and Fictional Excerpts. Interviews, scrapbooks, notes, 1969 – 2003; and Enrique Radigales, Injerto _206136312, 2017.